Who is most popular video creator on Instagram in India? (2023)

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Who is most popular video creator on Instagram in India?

1. Kusha Kapila. Kusha Kapila has now become a household name among millennials and Gen Z. She started off as a content creator through the social media channel iDIVA, and soon her “South Delhi Girls” videos went viral bringing her closer to the spotlight.

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Who is the most video creator on Instagram in India?

Top 25 Digital Content Creator in India on Instagram (2023)
  • Lifestyle. Jannat Zubair Rahmani Verified. ...
  • Riyaz Aly Verified. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. ...
  • Television. Mouni Roy Verified. ...
  • Gaming. Bruce Banner Verified. ...
  • Bhuvan Bam Verified. India. ...
  • Television. Jennifer Winget Verified. ...
  • Shehnaaz Gill Verified. ...
  • Movies.

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Who is the famous Indian Instagram content creator?

1. Kusha Kapila. Kusha Kapila has now become a household name among millennials and Gen Z. She started off as a content creator through the social media channel iDIVA, and soon her “South Delhi Girls” videos went viral bringing her closer to the spotlight.

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Who is no 1 influencer in India?

Top 1,000 Instagram Influencers and Instagram User Accounts In India
1Virat Kohli @virat.kohli76.6M
2Shraddha ✶ @shraddhakapoor24.5M
3Alia Bhatt 💛 @aliaabhatt23.5M
4Narendra Modi @narendramodi22.8M
39 more rows

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Who has 1 billion followers on Instagram in India?

Highest followers on Instagram in India
SNInstagram AccountFollowers [In Million]
1.Virat Kohli255023491 [255.02 M]
2.Priyanka Chopra88493016 [88.49 M]
3.Shraddha Kapoor81607402 [81.61 M]
4.Alia Bhatt78301556 [78.3 M]
110 more rows

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Who in India has highest followers on Instagram?

Virat Kohli (254 million)

India's star cricketer has the highest number of Instagram followers in the country.

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Who is the famous reeler in India?

Gaurav Taneja

He makes funny reels and is a motivated gym enthusiast. With over 3 million followers on Instagram, he has interviewed several famous celebrities like John Abraham. He is one of the famous and growing content creators on Instagram in India.

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Who is the most famous Instagram in India?

Cristiano Ronaldo

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Who is Instagram king in India?

Virat Kohli

The cricketer and fitness enthusiast Virat Kohli top the chart with the Indian with highest followers on Instagram.

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Which Indian celebrity has most followers?

Top Ten Most-Followed Instagram Accounts in India
NameNo. of followersProfession
Virat Kohli254 millionCricketer
Priyanka Chopra88.4 millionActor and producer
Shraddha Kapoor81.4 millionActor
Alia Bhatt78.1 millionActor and producer
6 more rows
Jul 3, 2023

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Who is the richest female influencers in India?

Here's Top Richest Influencers in India
  • Kusha Kapila. kushakapilaandmaccosmeticsindia. 3.4M followers. kushakapilaVerified. ...
  • Diipa Büller Khosla. diipakhoslaVerified. Innsbruck, Austria. diipakhoslaVerified. ...
  • Komal Pandey. komalpandeyofficialVerified. 1.9M followers. ...
  • Mithila Palkar. mipalkarofficialVerified. 4.0M followers.
Mar 13, 2023

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Who is the king in Instagram?

Dan Bilzerian, known to many as the 'King of Instagram' (he has over 6 million followers) is one of the internet's most curious characters.

Who is most popular video creator on Instagram in India? (2023)
Who has the fastest 1 million followers on Instagram?

The fastest time to reach one million followers on Instagram is 43 minutes, and was achieved by Kim Taehyung on 6 December 2021. Whereas, for 'Salt' star, Angelina Jolie, it took 59 minutes to achieve the feat. For the unversed, Kollywood actor Thalapathy Vijay is the only Indian to enter the coveted list.

Who is the most fan following heroine in India?

Priyanka Chopra holds the first spot with 86.9 million followers. Bollywood's actresses are not only showcasing their mettle in films, but they have also established themselves on social media platforms.

Who has the fastest 1 million likes on Instagram in India?

Fastest 1M liked photo in Instagram, Indian Records - #1 - Allu Arjun - 69 mins. #2 - Thalapathy Vijay - 104 mins.

Who is the Instagram queen?

Selena Gomez Reigns Back As The 'Queen Of Instagram,' Surpasses Kylie Jenner As The Most Followed Woman On The Platform!

Who is the only Indian to have 100 million followers on Instagram?

Team India cricketer Virat Kohli is now the only Indian who has the highest number of followers on Instagram. On Friday, the star batsman crossed the 250 million follower-mark on the photo-sharing platform.

Who is the most beautiful influencer in India?

The Best Beauty Influencers in India are ⬇️
  • Kritika Khurana.
  • Glory Gust.
  • Malvika Sitlani Aryan.
  • Rowi Singh.
  • Ankita Corallista.
  • Niyanta.
  • Aishwarya Kandpal.
  • Yashwant.
Mar 15, 2023

How much do Indian influencers get paid?

According to digitaluncovered.com, India's micro-influencers (influencers with followers between 10,000 to 50,000) can make anywhere from INR 5,000 to INR 30,000 per post for sponsored content. Macro-influencers (influencers with followers between 50,000 to 500,000) can charge around INR 14,843 to INR 49,725 per post.

Which is the most viewed reel on Instagram in India?

Learn from Khaby (289 million views)

Taking cues from this, his 2021 reel 'Learn from Khaby' holds the record for being the most-viewed Instagram reel to date. It features Lame checking an iron multiple times to ensure he has plugged it off and it is cold. The reel has over 12 million likes.

How much Instagram pay for 1 million followers?

How much money can you make on Instagram? HypeAuditor's survey found that influencers earn $2,970/month on average. Influencers with followings between 1,000 and 10,000 followers earn $1,420/month on average while influencers with over a million followers earn $15,356/month.

Who is the 2nd most followed person on Instagram?

List of most-followed Instagram accounts
RankUsernameFollowers (millions)
47 more rows

Who is most followed person on Instagram?

Cristiano Ronaldo has one of the most popular Instagram accounts as of January 2023. The Portuguese footballer is the most-followed person on the photo sharing app platform with 595 million followers.

Who is the Instagram queen in India?

Ketika Sharma

Ketika Sharma took the top spot on our list of Indian Instagram Queens. She rose to fame for her Dubsmash videos. Her Dubsmash videos are very viral on the internet. She has more than 1.2 million followers on her Instagram profile.

Who has highest twitter followers in India?

PM Modi Twitter. With 90.2 million followers, PM Modi is the most followed Indian on Twitter. His followers' list includes Twitter boss Elon Musk, who has the highest follower count on the social networking platform and follows total 195 individuals. Meanwhile, PM Modi follows 2,589 people on Twitter.

Who is the most followed Indian TV actress on Instagram?

From Avneet Kaur, Mouni Roy to Anushka Sen, check out the list of the most followed TV actresses on Instagram. With 45.4m followers, Jannat Zubair enjoys the top spot in the list of the most followed TV actors on Instagram.

Who is the famous celebrity in India?

Salman Khan. His full name is Abdul Rashid Salim Salman khan.

Which actor has most fan followers in India?

Top 10 Highest Fan Following Actor in India 2023
  • 1) Shah Rukh Khan.
  • 2) Salman Khan.
  • 3) Akshay Kumar.
  • 4) Allu Arjun.
  • 5) Vijay.
  • 6) Mahesh Babu.
  • 7) Prabhas.
  • 8) Rajinikanth.
Jul 17, 2023

Who is the highest paid Instagram model in India?

Kusha Kapila to Ajay Nagar: Meet these 6 highest paid influencers in India
  • Prajakta Koli. 1/6. Prajakta Koli's approximate net worth in 2023 is Rs 16 crores. ...
  • Kusha Kapila. 2/6. ...
  • Ranveer Allahbadia. 3/6. ...
  • Ajay Nagar. 4/6. ...
  • Aashna Shroff. 5/6. ...
  • Kritika Khurana.
Mar 16, 2023

Who is the famous little girl on Instagram in India?

Amreen Malhotra- @princessamreenmalhotra

She is one of the youngest star kids Instagram has ever seen in India. She is famously known as “Princess Amreen” by her loved ones.

Who is the most popular video creator on Instagram reels?

So, to get you through these seemingly endless, dark and dreary lockdown days, here are the 10 Reels creators you need to follow...
  1. @donte. colley. ...
  2. @munyachawawa. ...
  3. @curlyfrysfeed. ...
  4. @romeosfashionfix. ...
  5. @theethanfields. ...
  6. @sophiehannah. ...
  7. @blairimani. ...
  8. @themermaidscales.
Nov 12, 2020

Who is social media king in India?

Virat Kohli

The cricketer and fitness enthusiast Virat Kohli top the chart with the Indian with highest followers on Instagram. Attributing the follower base to people who love and admire him the most, the player is known to keep his social media all real.

Who is Lord of Instagram?

Lord Puneet Superstar, whose real name is Puneet Kumar, is a renowned social media personality recognized for his humorous content. His online presence has earned him the affectionate title of “Lord Puneet” as he actively extends his assistance to others.

Who is popular video creator in Instagram?

Top Instagram Influencers
1𝐑𝐨𝐡𝐢𝐭 𝐙𝐢𝐧𝐣𝐮𝐫𝐤𝐞 🇮🇳 @rohittt_09_26.1M
2𝑨𝒋𝒆𝒚 𝑵𝒂𝒈𝒂𝒓 @carryminati18.1M
3Amit Bhadana ( अमित भड़ाना ) @theamitbhadana8.9M
4Prajakta Koli @mostlysane7.8M
65 more rows

Who is the biggest content creator on Instagram?

Top 1,000 Instagram Influencers and Instagram User Accounts
1Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano179.1M
2Leo Messi @leomessi143.7M
3Selena Gomez @selenagomez127.9M
4Kylie @kyliejenner119.3M
30 more rows

Do creators get paid for Reels?

Instagram is paying people thousands of dollars to create Reels, and you could be one of them. You can earn $1000, $5000, even $10,000 a month by creating Reels. It's all possible through Instagram's Reels Bonus program. In fact, they're planning to invest over $1 billion into creator-driven programs throughout 2022.

Who has 500 million followers in world?

Cristiano Ronaldo 1st Person in World to Surpass 500M Social Media Followers. Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo has become the first person to surpass 500 million followers across the major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Who reached 1 million Instagram followers the fastest?

Kim Tae-hyung aka V of BTS (43 Minutes) But that's not the only new record for the @bts. bighitofficial star.

Who has 11 million followers on Instagram?

Jessica Jung is quite a talented woman. With her reputation of being an idol active for over 15 years and being the CEO of her own brand, Blanc & Eclare, it's no surprise Jessica has a huge following.


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